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The mission of the Waveland-Brown Township Public Library is to serve our community by providing information and resources for education and recreational needs.

We hope to serve as a physical center where families and friends can gather.

We want to work closely with schools, churches, and other community groups.

The Waveland-Brown Township Public Library was built in Montgomery County, Indiana starting in the fall of 1914 using matching funds from Andrew Carnegie. The library has been serving the community since 1915 and continues to operate from the original building.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected through the Southmont School Board, County Council and County Commissioners. Board members serve four-year terms, and may serve up to four terms. Board meetings are held in the library on the last Tuesday of every month at the time posted on our Events calendar.

  • Kim Nixon, President
  • Megan Fullenwider, Vice President
  • Lorraine Waling, Secretary
  • Sarah Phillips, Treasurer
  • Donna Sabolick
  • Jerri King
  • Paula Finch

Library Staff

Christy Roark
Library Aides
Carol Coffman –  Kerri Simpson – Taelor Caudill

Library Centennial  1915-2015


In 1913, members of a literary group called The Priscilla Club began plans for a Carnegie library. The ladies felt they could meet the requirements for a Carnegie library: 1) a need for a public library, 2) a building site, 3) 10% of the construction cost, 4) funds for yearly support and operation, and 5) to provide free service to all.

Mary Myers Krit, Louise Hopkins Huston, Minnie Conner Shar, Caroline Granger Burrin, Minnie Cuppy Kritz, and Rhoda Hobson Fullenwider proceeded to gather the required signatures under the state library law for building.

Judge Jere West, Minnie Kritz, Louise Huston, as well as Dr. Arthur John Kleiser, became the first trustees. John Dewitt Fisher and Mary Virginia Oldshue Glover were added by the town, to make up the first five-member board of directors. However, changes were made and Irving Fullenwider and U.G. Vail were added, then finally Walter Penn taking Vail’s place to become the final board for the Waveland Carnegie Library.

Interestingly, in each of the above member’s obituaries, we find proudly displayed their part in the founding of our impressive library.


  • Grand Opening April 17, 1915
  • Music by Orville and Williams Settle, high school choir, and piano solo by Myrtle Redidsh Oglesbee.
  • Invocations delivered by Roscoe Smith (Christian Church) and FB Solin (Presbyterian Church).
  • Speeches by State Librarian Dr. Demarchus Brown, “The Library and Democracy” and Crawfordsville School Superintendent Prof. L.N. Hines, “A Sign of Progress.”
  • Centennial September 26th, 2015
  • Open House and Refreshments
  • Concert by Danny Hopkins, Family & Friends
  • Mike McCarty, Author of Choking in Fear

Carnegie Library Building

It’s hard to imagine that such a large, beautiful brick building was erected for a mere $10,000. The basic structure and layout has changed little since 1915. Up the stairs to the east are the adult books, while the children’s section is still to the west. Although the librarian’s desk has been moved somewhat, the area is also very similar now to that first day.

The name on a bronze tablet in the entryway reads ‘Gift from Andrew Carnegie.’ We still see much of the original golden oak in the main room. The first reading tables are still being used for various activities. World renowned artist, T.C. Steele, one of Waveland’s most famous sons, donated a painting in honor of the opening of the library. It still remains in its intended spot above the fireplace. Two bathrooms were in the original building. Gifts presented at the opening included a grandfather clock and Japanese flower basket.

There is still a boiler-type heat (using the original radiators) and window units cool the air. The architect was William F. Sharpe who did business out of Crawfordsville for several years. Charles Franklin Rice from Roachdale was the builder, one of the most prolific of the times. J.W. Hennon and current library assistant, Carol Coffman’s grandfather, Raymond Moore, were at least two of the carpenters. Three local clubs donated $10 each for the purchase of new books, and the Current Events Club members each gave ten books. It was the consensus that Waveland’s library had one of the largest and best collections in the state as it began its long life.

The downstairs has always had an extremely active community area. Movies, story hours, presentations have gone on in the large meeting room for 10 decades now and fond memories abound.

Librarians Through Our History

  • Christy Roark – 2021 – Present
  • Rick Payne 2010-2021
  • Sandi Green (Interim)
  • Sara S. Baldwin 2005-2010
  • Karen D. Moser 1978-2005
  • Erna F. Grimm 1958-1978
  • Helen Kelso 1952-1958
  • Louise Huston 1925-1952
  • Evelyn Fullenwider 1919-1925
  • Nella Huston 1915-1919

Many others have worked a long time at the library. You may remember or know: Mildred McGaughey Evans, Virginia Banta Sharp, Sandi Greene, Carol Presslor Coffman, and Gerry Foster. Let us also not forget the many people of the community who have served so faithfully as board members and volunteers. The Friends of the Library have contributed great financial support and encouragement.

“I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals I have eaten; even so, they have made me.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1803-1882